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Our Software

  • Our database of choice is MongoDB.
  • We also use MySQL for storing the final resulting tables.
  • Our web framework of choice is Mojolicious.
  • The data gathering and preparing as well as the backend for the website are written in Perl with the heavy usage of the following modules:
    • MongoDB
    • CGI
    • DBI
    • HTML::TreeBuilder
    • Net::Twitter
    • Net::OAuth::Yahoo
    • Image::Magick
    • JSON::XS
    • LWP::Simple
    • Chess::Elo
    • List::MoreUtils
  • The frontend are the Mojolicious templates that generate HTML and simple JS with Ajax
  • We also use the d3.js library to produce these neat charts in League/Yearly Tendencies section.
The software will eventually become available on CPAN.
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