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Our Data Sources

In our quest to obtain the most comprehensive data coverage for the available sources we harvested the following data:
  • Player data obtained entirely from
  • Game boxscores between 1987 and 2015, HTML files, from
  • Game boxscores in 2015, JSON files, from
  • Other data files, such as Play-By-Play, Event Summary et al., from
  • Manually copied partial data for about twenty games from
  • Manually copied data for about ten games from
  • Manually copied complementing information from and
  • Online archives of newspapers USA Today and New York Times
Learn more about the breakdown of the data on our Data Summary page.

We welcome data cooperation. We are willing to provide our raw and parsed data source files in exchange for the ones that we do not have, e.g. the parseable boxscores from the years prior to 1987.
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