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× The STOP events as listed in the Play-By-Play HTML summaries since the 2002/03 season on the website contain the reason(s) for the stop. While most of them are game-based, such as ICING or OFFSIDE, one of the more rare ones caught our eye: RINK REPAIR. We decided to collect these stops and rank NHL home teams as well as NHL arenas by the amount of rink repairs that happened. We filter out the occasional venues, such as outdoor stadiums for NHL special events or the foreign arenas for the European showdown games.

Since we already parse practically all events from the Play-By-Play summaries (or PL), and classify them by types, we already have a collection of STOP events. And we also detect and catalog the reasons for the stoppages, so it is an easy Mongo query to extract all rink repairs incurred. We then aggregate them by locations and teams, and create SQL tables for easy quick display of the data.

So the claims that the Islanders' current home has the worst ice has been substantial. For the last three years, actually, Barclays Center ranks among highest. Naturally, the old arenas like Canadian Tire Centre or Rexall Palace also seemed to get a lot of rink repairs during the games.

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NHL Rink Repair statistics since 2007

The rink repair statistics are gathered here. The repairs on "Guest" arenas like football fields for outdoor games are omitted.


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