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This view shows stacked bars of various event counts per season, per game in the NHL.

Available stats are:

  • Shots
    • Goals (available since 1987, from Boxscore reports)
    • Shots on Goal (available since 1987, from Boxscore reports)
    • Misses (available since 2005, from PBP reports)
    • Blocks (avaliable since 2005, from PBP reports)
  • Icings (available since 2002, from PBP reports)
  • Margin of victory (available since 1987, from Boxscore reports)
  • Penalties
    • Minor
    • Major
    • Fighting
    • Misconduct
    • Match Penalty
      Goals per Game

The stats are available for regular season, playoffs and both stages combined.

The PBP reports from the NHL dating before 2005 are wildly inconsistent.


NHL Yearly Tendencies: shots, icings, hits etc.

This page features bar and stacked bar graphs that illustrate the tendencies of various stats in the NHL over the past years. All the stats are presented per game, since the amount of games played varied every season. Please note that some data is available not from the earliest reports (1987) but from the later ones:

  • Blocks and Hits - since 1998 (personal counts in Boxscores)
  • Icings - since 2002 (first appearance of Play-By-Play files)
  • Misses - since 2005 (first appearance in Play-By-Play files)


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