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NHL Players excelling in game-changing goals

The term 'Clutch Player' often refers to players who score the crucial goals of the game. We examine the statistics of players who scored important goals in the games and rated these goals as following:

  • GEG - Game Ending Goal. The decisive goal scored in OT. 2.5 points
  • GWG - Game Winning Goal that was the last to be scored. 1.5 points
  • LGWG - Late GWG - GWG scored in the last 3 minutes of the game. 2 points
  • GTG - Game Tying Goal. The last or the penultimate goal that tied the game. 1 points
  • LGTG - Late GTG - GTG scored in the last 3 minutes of the game. 1.5 points
However, our definition of a clutch GWG is different - it's an NHL Game Winning Goal, after which the opponent did not score!

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Last updated on Mon Dec 10 04:11:25 2018
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