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Data Analysis and Cooperation

We will also be publishing certain datasets for public consumption. Remember that these datasets come with absolutely NO WARRANTY. The datasets are published under GNU Affero General Public License v3.

Each table posted on this website can be retrieved in JSON or CSV format as well for further re-use. We also offer an API for public use.

Please refer to our Sources and Summary pages to get a better picture what data we have available.

If you would like to perform a joint statistical project with us, we are gladly available.

We would like to illustrate what data we can provide by listing the analysis we performed for Tim Beever, St Louis Blues Historian:

In each link you can get a sample of the data.
The data was provided from the inception of the franchise in 1967 through the current season, where available. We can provide this data for all franchises.

Contact us at contact\@morehockeystats.com or on Twitter!

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