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Software that runs this site

  • Our database of choice is MongoDB .
  • We also use MySQL for storing the final resulting tables.
  • Our web framework of choice is Mojolicious.
  • The data gathering and preparing as well as the backend for the website are written in Perl with the heavy usage of the following modules:
    • MongoDB
    • CGI
    • DBI
    • HTML::TreeBuilder
    • Net::Twitter::Lite::WithAPIv1_1
    • Image::Magick
    • JSON::XS
    • LWP::Simple
    • List::Util
    • List::MoreUtils
    • Math::Gauss
    and some others
  • The frontend are the Mojolicious templates that generate HTML and simple JS with Ajax
  • All the Javascript and the SVG code is local. We are using w3.css library for layout.
The software for scraping the NHL website and populating the Mongo database is available on CPAN.

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