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Pick Success

NHL Draft Picks Success History

Here we display how successful the picked player was in his NHL career. We developed our own metric to determine the level of success based on the following factors:

  • Forwards: Games Played, Goals, Assists, +/-
  • Defencemen: Games Played, Goals, Assists, +/- (different factors)
  • Goaltenders: Games Played, SVP, TOI(minutes)
For newer picks that are still active we try to project what their stats going to be through the career. Players that played one NHL season and were selected three or less seasons ago are marked as unknown. Otherwise, three categories have been defined:
  • Exceeds Expectations (↑)
  • Meets Expectations (=)
  • Fails Expectations (↓)
This data is gathered through the NHL player info files. That means that the picks that never make it to the NHL and have never been assigned an NHL ID are omitted from the list.

Hover with your mouse over the number next to the arrow to see the picked players it reflects. If the name is not in ALL CAPS that means the player has never played an NHL game.

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